Preview Gray Area Incubator New Works & New Program Announcement

We are incredibly proud of the work coming out of Gray Area’s fourth Incubator cohort; these artists have produced deep investigations of significant works through 6-months of community building, skill sharing, prototyping, technical support and critical discussion.

Join us this October 5th from 7pm-9pm for our Spring 2017 showcase! Get a preview of the artist works below, but first:

Incubator Program Development

In addition to three studios (which are currently filled), Gray Area will be focused on offering dedicated desks to ten members in the Incubator Mezzanine space. A change from the drop-in style format of previous rounds, this will allow artists to store computers and other equipment and allow for 24/7 access to a committed work environment, reinforcing community involvement. Even though we are providing more access, we are keeping the low rate of $250/month in order to support artistic development. In addition, members will be invited to schedule weekly peer critiques, public feedback through an Open Studio, exhibition opportunities through our Bi-Annual Community Showcase and Gray Area events.

Membership is a 6 month commitment, though many have continued to develop their works in the Incubator and are actively building a peer-driven community. Join our budding community and apply soon!

Artist Works Premiering on October 5th, 2017

“New World Trail”

New World Trail is a story exploding, a meta-narrative that takes place on the present day Oregon Trail where you’ll form a bond with Kid, a digital nomad who has left society for reasons you don’t know. Kid is making a video game as a way to connect to the society she has left behind. To make this game John will assemble his gear, hit the road and recreate the journey under the guise of Kid in real life. The resulting game will be a mixed-reality hybrid of what the trail looks like today, as well as Kid’s interpretation of her surroundings as she copes with the loneliness of having made the choice to vanish.

“” is an open music platform for creating, listening, and sharing music in a raw, flexible, and standardized format. Members will be able to openly “remix” or “fork” tracks by taking particular melodies or rhythms and modifying the respective tempos, instrument selection, and modulation effects to their liking. will take a strong focus on user-submitted content and enhancements like custom samples, sound syntheses, and sound visualization. Anderson hopes to turn into a strong community of music lovers, aspiring creators, and seasoned producers that embrace the open-natured format


Santos is creating a VR experience, with an accompanying physical space, that will focus on meditation, calm, and beauty for beauty’s sake. The goal is to provide a tranquil virtual space whenever people need it, and to show how technology (in combination with nature) can be used for more peaceful goals.

Soft Dissolve by Claudia Miranda

“Soft Dissolve”

Soft Dissolve is an ongoing project that deals with creating virtual spaces modeled after distressing emotional states. It was inspired by the sensation of therapeutic dissociation.


Ambient is an application that pulls input from any environment; whether physical movement, audio or color information. This information, in turn, helps create a dynamic and ever evolving visual representation of the mood in that space.

“Hardly Strictly Platonic”

The Platonic solids have long inspired artist and architect, geometer and philosopher. Through their study we gain insight about the nature of the Universe itself. Plato famously stated that “God geometrizes continually,” theorizing that the classical elements earth, water, air, fire and aether were comprised of the very solids that bear his name still to this day.

The artist’s work explores various methods by which Platonic solids and related geometric forms can be constructed from a minimal set of parts with an eye towards creation of a system of bespoke building blocks tailor-made for just such a task, and a platform for artists to share their creations with the world.

With the design goal of evangelizing the joys of learning geometry through hands-on play, the artist’s work strives to illuminate the beauty, simplicity and underlying symmetry of these forms such that they are at once aesthetically pleasing to behold and instructive for geometers young and old.


“Adrift” Is A 3D rendering of internal reflection. In the video for Octo Octa’s acid-flecked techno track “Adrift,” which is taken from her March 2017 album Where Are We Going on San Francisco label Honey Soundsystem, the themes of motion and suspension also take centerstage. Made by director Ray McClure, who runs San Francisco creative agency Dreamboat, it stars the producer lying near-motionless in an alien, industrial setting. Yet as the camera moves across her face, her expression conveys the internal journeying at work.

“The Deep”

The Deep sits on the border of the limitations of human perception, playing with duality and polarity the dialectics upon which knowledge and understanding is built. The cyan waves and magenta particles set the stage as a depiction of the conceptual duality of the nature of light. The painting’s colors flirt between real and imaginary transitioning the perceived palette while the reality of each symbol ebbs and flows in sync; offering momentary understanding of the imaginary colors hidden just beneath the actuality of perception. The control presents a physically real depiction of the content that does not correspond linearly to its presentation of space intentionally misleading the viewer’s internal illusion of space. The deep pulls at the illusions of space, time, and color; illusions inherit to perceiving through the human body and mind. It asks the viewer to bridge their microcosmic understanding to the macrocosmic reality that exists just beyond this trained and limited internal distortion of mind.

“Emoji VR”

Have you ever wanted to live in a musical wonderland of flowers and Emoji? Now you can. EmojiFlower VR is a Virtual Reality art-game that combines Emoji with 90s interiors, natural environments, and original music.

“SENSOREE Therapeutic Biomedia”

SENSOREEs therapeutic biomedia is emotive technology with auditory, visual, and tactile displays to promote extimacy — externalized intimacy — showing how you feel on the inside to the outside world. SENSOREEs designs give the body a voice — self awareness, insight, communication, empathy, and fun!

“αὐτόματον (Automatones)”

In Ancient Greek the word automatones denotes metal creatures who could feel and think like men, “acting of one’s own will.” They were created by Hephaestus who besides his automatones of metal also created Pandora of clay. This rage game is half material object and half interactive digital text. Both curiosity and ignorance might make you lose. Winning relies on literally changing ones perspective to the information.

Join Us October 5th, 2017!

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