Introducing the Gray Area Incubator 2019.1 Cohort

Creative Development for Artists and Organizations

Want to expand your artistic practice or learn a new technology? We offer a 12 week Creative Code Immersive which begins in April, Public Creative Code Workshops, and Private Workshops for businesses.

Check out the work of the Gray Area Incubator artists:

New Projects

“Elevator Pitch”

Marc Schroeder

“Missed Messages” & “Empathy

Stephanie Andrews


Steven Piasecki

Magic Matta

Kieran Farr

“Tempus Communicatio”

Sean Stillwell

Ongoing Projects

“Face2Face V2.0”

Anastasia Victor

“Lace: A Possible Computer”

Andrés Cuervo

“The Light Atlas”



Stephen Sandridge


Shihan Zhang

Studio Members


Dreamboat builds experiences — some real, some virtual — that draw people closer together. Their projects transform through light, sound, touch, and technology to immerse the guests in new worlds, imparting a feeling of wonder.

Crowbar Corner

Crowbar Corner is an electronic music production studio with high end monitoring, I/O and a unique collection of instruments both vintage and modern.

Studio Available

Need your own space to create amidst a thriving arts community? Gray Area Studio Memberships offer just that. Apply Here.



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Gray Area Foundation

Gray Area Foundation

Gray Area is a 501(c)3 nonprofit in San Francisco, CA applying art & technology to create positive social impact. #grayareaorg #creativecode