Gray Area Summer Roundup

The weather is heating up and Gray Area is bringing you a host of exciting events, initiatives and education offerings! We will be showcasing the work of our amazing artists via the Gray Area Showcase 2018.1 June 27th and 28th. One month later you can immerse yourself in performances, talks, and workshops at the three day 2018 Gray Area Festival July 26th — 29th. Want to expand your artistic practice or learn a new technology? We offer a 10 week Creative Code Immersive, private Team Workshops for businesses, and a 6 month artist Incubator.

Expanded Community Connection

In an effort to expand our community offerings and bring Gray Area artists together, we have created an Alumni Google Group. This is a place for all past Gray Area Incubator and Education Alumni community to connect. Gray Area will send out info and calls for participation in our events and exhibitions. Members can also share art and tech related calls, gigs or events with the group. Access our alumni network by enrolling in our Creative Code Education program or joining the artist Incubator!

Creative Development for Artists and Organizations

If you are new or continuing a career in software-based art, you can enroll in our Creative Code Education program. If you are a skilled artist or artist team with a portfolio, you can join the Incubator community. We now offer private creative code workshops for organizations: Team Workshops. We introduce open source resources and toolkits for creativity, while diffusing the intimidation of technology so that we can share cutting edge open source tools for artistic expression.

Our next Incubator Round begins July 9th, Applications are open here.

The next Creative Code Immersive begins September 11th, Applications are here.

Request a Team workshop here.

Preview New Works by Gray Area Artists

The Gray Area Showcase is an exhibit of artwork fostered within our Creative Development programs. As the culminating event of our first cohort of 2018, Gray Area gives the public a chance to experience artwork developed by our Incubator Members and Creative Code Immersive Students.

Incubator Artists: Adam Florin, Anastasia Victor, Chelley Sherman, Elliot Spelman, Michael Epstein, Rachel Rose Ulgado, Shihan Zhang, Stephen Standridge, and Will Atwood.

Immersive Artists: Avra Goldman, Jimmy Young, Jonathan Ashton Hung, Les Stuck, Livia Foldes, Lynn Hu, Patrick Ester, Rachel Ng, Stephen Tsai, Tyler Lindow.

Showcase Hours

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018
Opening Reception: 7:00PM-10:00PM

Thursday, June 28th, 2018
Exhibition Viewing: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Get Tickets To The Showcase Here, but first check out a selection of work from the Gray Area artists:

Das Is

Chelley Sherman

Das Is is a transition through mortality, crossing through multiple planes and memories. Through this interactive journey, your disembodiment self reflects on symbolic monuments navigating through unforgotten impressions of life. Created with Unity and experienced with the HTC VIVE.


Stephen Sandridge

Inferno explores the constructs of alignment and focus; playing with the mental process through which action and effort become a desired result. Its physical controller corresponds to a digital simulation that transmutes the more or less aligned actions of the viewer into varying visual pieces. Created with glsl, TouchDesigner, Microcontrollers, 3d Printing, and Raspberry Pi

Radio Concrète №2

Adam Florin

Radio Concrète №2 will immerse visitors in a vast forest of sound, individually culled from online databases, and arranged in real time by the same powerful AI used by major music discovery services. The installation will respond to visitor movement and/or utterances, dramatizing the inhuman strangeness of an alien cognition.


Will Atwood

Substrate is an exploration the relationships between entities and the foundations upon which they emerge and persist, through the use of a variety of virtual and physical media. Created with Paint, Ink, Wood, and Digital Engines.

Personal Carbon Economy

Shihan Zhang

Personal Carbon Economy is a future model of personal-scale carbon cap and trade, and products resulting from it, to promote a carbon responsible future. This project including 4 sections: The Carbon Union(Global carbon-sustainable pilot community), The World Carbon Bank( Non-profit organization for personal carbon trade), Carbon Gadgets Magazine (carbon offsetting tools digital magazine), and Symbiosis lifestyle garments( Skin Farming Jacket and Carbon Garden Dress).


Elliot Spelman

facegames is an interaction design studio. They are building a face-controlled mouse for people with massive spinal cord injury or ALS in conjunction with Mt. Sinai hospital. The controller would be the first of its kind to directly utilize a user’s expression (rather than just the orientation of their face and a timed “dwell” click).


Rachel Rose Ulgado

Perennial is a meditation born from daydreams, pieced together from fragments of self-reflection and self-care. This alternate world, inspired by nature and the cosmos, stands in opposition to the banality of our daily societal pressures, instead opting for patience and tenderness. Perennial is an interactive installation that attempts to suspend time and space, offering the audience a retreat into an endless garden to discover and explore. Technologies used: Cinema 4D, ThreeJS, Leap Motion, and MadMapper.

Training Sets

Anastasia Victor

Training Sets is series of works that use facial recognition and data scraping to explore issues around algorithmic bias and data privacy. Created with Unity, ARKit, OpenCV, Python, Javascript, Blender, Vuforia, and IBM Watson.



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