Gray Area Immersive Program Pushes Boundaries of Online Education

Student Art Showcased in Virtual Recreation of Gray Area’s Grand Theater

A virtual recreation of Gray Area’s Grand Theatre. The artwork Place 1 by Kaii Tu is featured, a wire-frame home design
The Gray Area Showcase Spring 2020 took place in a virtual recreation of the Grand Theater.

Change of Space, Space for Change

Place 1 by artist Kaii Tu. A 3D wireframe architecture design for a fantastical and infinite series of rooms
Place Series (2020) by Kaii Tu, exhibited in a virtual recreation of the Grand Theater.
A Neural Garden by artist Jacky Lu. A series of surreal digital paintings displayed in a virtual gallery.
A Neural Garden (2020) by Jacky Lu. Individual visitors are represented by green diamonds, and are controlled using the mouse and arrow keys.
Tweet Storm by artist Kara Gates. A colorful graph that models the various emotions expressed in tweets, like joy or anger
Tweet Storm (2020) by Kara Gates. Tweet Storm was one such weekly project, and visualizes a range of emotions expressed in tweets.

Artist Ella Ordona Rises to the Challenge

Terra Infirma by artist Ella Ordona. A virtual room with pink walls; a hospital bed covered in grass sits among other objects
Terra Infirma (2020) by Ella Ordona

A New Sense of Place

Place 2 by artist Kaii Tu. A kettle that pours light by projecting a generative white pattern onto a surface.
Place II (2020) by Kaii Tu



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Gray Area Foundation

Gray Area is a 501(c)3 nonprofit in San Francisco, CA applying art & technology to create positive social impact. #grayareaorg #creativecode