May 19, 2021 — Over the past half century, the Grand Theater on Mission Street has been home to a cinema, a dollar store, and now an eclectic creative community of media makers. This group of artists and producers has assembled around Gray Area’s revitalization of this historic Mission District…

Where painting carries over to working with peer-to-peer protocols

By tywen kelly

Installation of ClickMine (2017) installation exhibited at The Brandscape. In this parody of proof-of-work “mining,” players can continuously click to generate digital tokens, which has a correlated and exponentially harmful effect on an image of the natural landscape in the background.

An insight into the process of making New Art City
By tywen kelly

A scene from the Gray Area Winter Showcase 2020, which was exhibited online on New Art City in a virtual recreation of the Grand Theater in San Francisco where, in any other year, the showcase would have occurred in person.

ProcessGray Area Festival 2020: Radical Simulation, . Process

Black background with large “1991” blurred behind. Text says “And we are right back where we started from”
Time is Meaningless When Space Collapses (2020) by Steve Piasecki. 1991 refers to the Rodney King incident from that year, one of the first video-taped instances of police brutality in the US

Steve Piasecki is a multimedia artist in Gray Area’s Incubator Program. Since 2016, Gray Area has supported artists through the Incubator, providing them with studio space, resources, community, and public showcase opportunities. Recently, artists from this year’s Incubator cohort exhibited their work at the Gray Area Artist Showcase, which took…

Student Art Showcased in Virtual Recreation of Gray Area’s Grand Theater

A virtual recreation of Gray Area’s Grand Theatre. The artwork Place 1 by Kaii Tu is featured, a wire-frame home design
The Gray Area Showcase Spring 2020 took place in a virtual recreation of the Grand Theater.

When the COVID-19 outbreak hit America in mid-March, art institutions and schools across the country transitioned online, forced to adapt to the new reality of remote learning. Gray Area’s typical calendar of concerts, art exhibitions, artist talks, and workshops was similarly affected, though organizers remained determined to continue the programs…

Gray Area Foundation

Gray Area is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit applying art & technology to create positive social impact. #grayareaorg #creativecode

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